Third Annual Mayor's Cup
The Third Annual Lathrop Mayor’s Cup Chess Tournament
March 26, 2017

Where: River Islands Technology Academy – 1175 Marina Drive, Lathrop, CA 95330
When: R1 @ 9:00am on 3/26/17 Breakfast and Lunch will be sold on site.
What: Scholastic (K-12) 5 Round Swiss - G/45
Cost: $25
Trophies are awarded to top 5 players in each section. All other players will receive ribbons for participating. The first place school team in each section will win a trophy.

Please, No Outside Food…

USCF Rated Swiss Format: All players must be USCF members. All players must understand USCF tournament rules. USCF Membership fee is $17, per year. 5 round Swiss Format - Everyone plays 5 games against players in their section. Sections are by grade. 5 rated sections based on grade (K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9+). Top 5 players in each section will win trophies. All sections will be Game in 45 min (each player). Sets and boards provided. Clocks will be provided, but players are encouraged to bring their own.

NON-Rated Swiss Format: Will be played just like the rated section, but a USCF rating is not required. The games will not be reported to the USCF and no rating will be issued.
*Round Times:
R 1 @ 9:00am R 2 @ 10:30 LUNCH R 3 @ 1:00pm R 4 @ 2:30 & R 5 @ 4:00
Breakfast will be served before R1. Trophies and medals awarded at 5:45

Entry Fees: $25
Make check payable to: TCAMA or
If not registered by 3/25 @ 9 pm they will not play R1.

Information: Contact Chris Torres at

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