April 2018 Inner Priestess Awakening Program – Early Bird Registration

My Sister, the time of the Priestess has come.

The Priestess is the embodiment of awakening and rebirth. The Priestess and her flow of ancient wisdom provides the alchemy of much-needed transformation that we hunger for in our world and in our personal lives. She taps us into our truth, our fire, and our voice.

And she lives within you, ready to awaken.

When we connect with the energy of the Priestess thread that dwells within, we awaken an alchemy of transformation. We begin to erase thousands of years of hiding and playing small, of keeping our voices and our magic concealed. When we unleash the power of the Priestess, we are embracing the power of great change, possibility and renewal.

Sister, the time has come to rise and awaken the medicine that lives inside of you.

Join us for our Spring circle beginning April 1, 2018

    Full Details

    For further details regarding the program and course content, visit the Inner Priestess Awakening course description on our website: http://thegoddesscircle.net/innerpriestessawakening/

    Payment Details

    Early Bird Registration: 1x Seat in Circle One Payment of $99.00 USD *Canadian Residents Subject to GST

    This Offering is for Sisters Who Want to:

    - Awaken their soul fire & live their purpose - Let go of what is no longer serving them - Dig their roots deep in their own sacred soil - Claim their power & embody their truth - Peel off old beliefs and paradigms - Speak their voice & heart - Make a shift in their world - Dedicate fully to their gifts & wild magic - Reclaim their sacred crown - Surrender to the light of their own being - Change & rewrite their story - Commit to their authentic essence - Release settling for less than they deserve - Claim their gifts & unique medicine - Rise to their Priestess Path

    During This Sacred Journey You Will Be Supported By:

    - 30 daily practices, rituals & inspirations delivered to your email - Weekly audio podcasts tele-circles with Ara - Guided Meditation Journeys with the Goddess Inanna, Kali & Aradia - Moon Rituals: powerful New and Full Moon ritual practices - Private Facebook temple for connection with our fellow Priestesses - Exclusive bonus content available only to members of this course - Goddess meditations, guided practices, sacred ceremony, & rituals - Weekly fire release, offering & blessing circle - Exclusive Priestess early bird pricing on future course offerings - Much More! *All content is downloadable and there is no rush to complete. Facebook group remains open after course completion.
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